An Experiential + Evolutionary Journey through the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty

Enjoy camaraderie, healing, purpose, contribution, and joy in growing yourself into your true potential

Together let’s walk an in-depth path of self-discovery and transformation designed to support your evolution and empowerment.

Participate in a Global Circle of Feminine Sovereign Explorers supporting and witnessing each other inside a sacred and private container.

More than just a book club. . . an adventure.

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Guided by author,
Maggie Ostara, PhD

This virtual journey begins in January and we will travel together through winter and spring (in the north). The book, Feminine Sovereignty: 8 Pillars for Regenerating Ourselves and Our World will be our map, our guide, and our touchstone. 

While you may be able to read the pages of this book in a matter of days, what it asks of you may well take years to fully understand, integrate, and embody.

Every journey begins with the first step.

Do you have a few hours a month to gather with sister explorers, diving into the call and promise of feminine sovereignty?

We know that our lives are over full, responsibilities and obligations are many, and you may feel stretched to your limit.

Yet what would it be like to make yourself and your evolutionary journey and your sovereignty your priority?

Would it make a difference in your life to know that with each session you’ll have a potent new theme to explore, an experience to take you deeper, invitations to help you integrate, and camaraderie to keep you on track?

If you’re wondering what you can do about the world falling apart, why not explore that challenging question in community with others also asking that question?

It’s just so easy to turn away from these bigger issues and focus on what’s right in front you. Yet if you’re called to Feminine Sovereignty, you sense that is no longer a viable option.

But what to do?

I offer my hand to you and say: let’s explore that together, shall we?

Our FOCUS for the Explorers Club: 

Regenerating Ourselves and Our World with the 8 Pillars

Engagement. Awareness. Deconditioning. Growing Our Sovereignty

Reimagining your relationship with Power by building power within and sharing and rotating power among us

Building new capacity for connecting, communicating, and collaborating with others based in mutual respect and regard

Reimagining your relationship with Power by building power within and sharing and rotating power among us

Discovering your best next steps – and taking them with support and camaraderie

Identifying conditioning that’s been in your way and releasing it

Taking command of your body, your emotions, and your energy

Reclaiming your voice, feeling confident to speak up when the time is right and knowing when to keep your wisdom to yourself

Leaning into what makes you feel on purpose, fueling your enthusiasm and zest for life

Exploring your relationship with the living world and fostering a deep sense of interconnectedness and wholeness with the Flow of Life

Is the Feminine Sovereignty Explorers Club (FSEC) right for you?

FSEC is for enthusiasts of Feminine Sovereignty who want to go deeper with the material with the guidance of the author and in community with other FS Explorers.

This option would be right for you if …


You’re committed to your own personal growth and development and feel drawn to the promise and opportunity offered by the 8 Pillars

You want to live feeling on purpose and making your best contribution even if you aren’t sure what that means for you right now

You enjoy connecting with others and feel inspired and supported by engaging with others walking the same path 


You want to go beyond reading about the concepts of Feminine Sovereignty to exploring how they can support you to grow into your potential


You know that you’ll benefit from a twice-monthly touchstone to help you stay on track and keep you moving forward together with the support you need to make these themes real in your life

If this sounds like you, then you’re invited to . . .

. . . travel through the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty with the author, Maggie Ostara, and our global community of Feminine Sovereign Explorers.

Why does community matter?

Gathering, exploring, and growing together in community dramatically expands the possibilities available to us compared to when we engage on our own. Yes, of course, you can read Feminine Sovereignty and receive great benefit from working through the “Your Turn” sections of 8 Pillars on your own. I designed the book so that my readers can do that as some people prefer to work on their own or like to begin this way. 

Yet Feminine Sovereignty also teaches that we accelerate our development when we gather and grow together. We are not solitary, individualized beings, but rather continually evolving, individual expressions of the creative intelligence of the Universe, always interrelated and interconnected. It’s time we broke out of our isolation and made real connections and more meaningful relationships.

As we build our skills individually and collectively we enhance and accelerate developing our power within and sharing and rotating power. In fact much of what Feminine Sovereignty inspires and guides us to do requires that we engage with each other and build our capacity to communicate and collaborate in new ways.

As we move into the later pillars, you’ll receive invitations and recommendations for engaging with each other to explore and practice what you’re discovering and creating together. 

What will we do?

Twice a month (10 sessions) we’ll gather for an in-depth session featuring

  • a teaching from the book
  • an embodied experience related to the session’s theme, 
  • connecting in small groups with other readers to share your insights and questions,
  • plenty of time for Q&A and coaching requests.

In between sessions, enjoy the camaraderie of other participants by sharing, witnessing, and giving and receiving support in our Inner-Net. 

Together we’ll create a sacred and secure container for deep diving, exploring inside our inner landscape, then spiraling out into the world with other people. 

First we’ll explore the themes of the first four pillars, diving into your Inner Landscape. 

Here we focus on building our power within through perception, presence, and practice.

You’ll have the opportunity to create your own “Daily Date with the Divine.” 

Then we’ll turn to the themes of the second four pillars as we spiral out into the world with other people. 

Here we focus on growing our capacity to feel on purpose, make our contribution, and share and rotate power with others.

We’ll get to practice these themes in a supportive, non-judgmental space so you can soar!

You’ll have the opportunity to:

Explore energy practices that accelerate your deconditioning and foster stamina, resilience, and confidence

Create a daily practice, your daily date with the divine, during which you’ll build your connection with your inner guidance.

Explore your relationship with the living world and lean into what becoming a sovereign steward means for you based on what you care about most. 

Try out collaborating with other Explorers inside this held container so you have support if and when you need it, and people to celebrate with as you grow!

Build a deep knowing that you matter – you, your heart, your energy, your purpose and contribution, your spiritual growth – you are a vital aspect of the larger collective and you matter!

Become aware of your default lens and make adjustments so your perception aligns with your current values and choices (no longer something you inherited or developed early in life when you had fewer choices).

Meet the places inside that hold you back from moving forward with what you truly long for and deserve, and evolve your inner experience to support you in your full unfolding and flourishing.

Practice communication that connects so you’ll have lived experience to go on when you’re speaking with others (who aren’t taking this program!).

Make connections and cultivate friendships with sister Explorers, fostering meaningful relationships that extend well beyond the end of our focused time together

What will you receive?

10 In-Depth LIVE sessions (twice a month)
facilitated by Maggie and focused on themes from the 8 Pillars (2 hours each)

A guided meditation, a specific energy practice, and additional content each month to support your development and evolutionary process. 

Access to our private space inside the Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center where we’ll hold our sessions and give and receive support in our Village Commons

Access to a small, self-organized group for additional conversation and support based on timezone (optional)

Video and audio recordings of all sessions in case you need to miss one, you live in a timezone where attending live would be difficult, or you want to revisit the experience

A personally signed copy of the book with a custom message for you (which will make it easier for you to work in a group if you bought the Kindle version) (US and Canada only)

A beautifully designed Your Feminine Sovereignty Journal to support you in going deeper with your personal inquiry, building your power within, developing your sense of purpose, and making the contribution that is only yours to make

Access to the recordings and content of the 10 Days of Sovereignty New Year’s Immersion. 

Access to the Women Evolving Our World Conference (2021) featuring over 23 in-depth interviews and sessions with expert teachers exploring different aspects of the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty

Access to the monthly Energetic Hygiene and Deconditioning Sessions offered inside the larger community

Where will we meet?

You’ll be able to participate from anywhere in the world as we gather inside our own exclusive Inner-Net (online). Having taught for many years, I’ve found that participants in my programs stay more engaged, go deeper with their growth and healing, more easily develop new desired practices, and continue their evolution more consistently and effectively when they regularly connect with each other as well as with me. 

Because of this, at the end of 2022 I created the Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center, which is built on the Mighty Networks platform. (It’s like a Facebook group only better because it’s private and no one is tracking our conversations or mining our data.) I’ve made it a priority to provide my people with convenient ways to connect and communicate with each other. We’ll have a private space just for FS Explorers where you can share your experience, ask questions, post images and videos, and also witness and learn from each other. In fact I highly encourage everyone to participate because not only will you get more out of the program – you’ll have a lot more fun!

In addition to our exclusive space, inside the larger retreat center, you’ll also find multiple additional spaces that focus on various themes in Feminine Sovereignty, Human and Quantum Human Design, and Kundalini Yoga. You’ll have access to the retreat center’s public offerings, plus we’ll have our own dedicated space for our sessions, materials, and community sharing and witnessing. 

Watch the video below to hear from readers of Feminine Sovereignty and participants in Maggie’s Embody Your Human Design Program to get a taste of what it’s like to work together in community.

Remember what I said in the Introduction:

“Whatever path you take, I’m going to be walking shoulder to shoulder with you, your hand in mine, on every step of this journey. I invite you to allow me to lead you so you can relax and receive what’s being offered. If you’re accustomed to being in charge yourself (sure you are), letting me lead the way can be particularly rejuvenating even if you find it a bit difficult to let go at first. 

I’ve walked many times every path I’ll be taking you on, and I’ve already taken many seekers with me before now. 

I know where the tree roots are that might trip you, and the bog that looks like solid ground but isn’t, and the likely places your mind has laid traps to keep you from moving forward. I’ve got my headlamp and a backpack with water and band aids and a sunhat just in case we need them. 

Your terrain is uniquely your own, so you’ll have to decide for yourself where you need to stop for rest and where you want to forge forward to get to a quiet place next to the creek to camp for the night. Whatever your pacing, I’ll be there to rest alongside you and help make coffee in the morning. You won’t be alone.”

Only this time it’s not just me leading, it’s all of us, hand in hand, walking and exploring the path together. 


When will we be meeting?

We’ll begin with a bonus Jump Start Session, then meet twice a month for our group sessions.

Here are our dates:

February 6th
Jump Start Session




MAY 7th

JUNE 18th

JULY 30th





In addition to our group sessions evey month, you’re invited and encouraged to participate by posting, sharing your experience, asking questions, and offering insights. You’ll also have the opportunity to witness other participants as they share their perspective; cheering their post, affirming them by saying “I see you” or “I hear you”, or sharing what’s meaningful for you in what they offered. Even though we do not offer advice unless it’s asked for, the experience of sharing and witnessing each other is profoundly healing.

What do I need to invest?

$1297 $997

Save $200


12 Payments of
$125 $97

This is special pricing for Early Adopters of Feminine Sovereignty.

Participants who pay in full will also receive a 30-minute 1:1 session with Maggie!
($147 Value)

Yet the truth is your Bigger Investment will be of your energy, focus, and time. You will get the most of this program if you make a commitment now to participate fully by 

    Scheduling the session days and times into your calendar now and making them a priority.

    Watching recordings when you’ve had to miss a session or if you’re in a time zone that makes one of the times difficult for you.

    Engaging in personal inquiry with the beautiful Feminine Sovereignty Journal you’ll receive as part of the program. 

    Participating in the community by sharing your insights and inquiries and witnessing and supporting others as they do so as well. 

    The sessions will be approximately four hours of your time a month, plus your time writing, exploring, posting in the community, witnessing others shares, and creating both on your own and with other participants. This additional time and energy investment is up to you and at your own pace. 

    And like anything else, the more you step into it and make it vital in your life, the more you’re going to create and receive. We suggest planning on investing about four hours a week the weeks we have live sessions and two hours on the alternate weeks. If you decide to self-organize with other participants for even greater connection and camaraderie, then figure that time into your schedule as well.

    Join the FS Explorers Club $1297 $997
    or Choose an easy pay option!

    Praise for Feminine Sovereignty

    Maggie Ostara’s Feminine Sovereignty is a brilliant synthesis of personal experience, cutting-edge healing technologies, and profound philosophical insight so needed at this time. Ostara’s passion and dedication shine through every page, inspiring readers to reevaluate their choices and their impact on both themselves and the wider world. With keen precision, she maps out a holistic path for readers to become the change they desire in the world. 

    What sets this book apart is its power to inspire. Ostara’s words encourage readers to question their beliefs, transcend limitations, and embrace their innate power. Feminine Sovereignty is more than a book; it’s a transformative experience that guides readers towards self-discovery and empowerment.

     In essence, this book is a beacon of wisdom, inviting readers to embark on a profound inner journey and reclaim their authentic selves. It leaves a lasting impression, offering valuable lessons that linger in the mind and heart long after the final page is turned.

    Ashanna Solaris

    Co-Creator of Clarity Breathwork and Spiritual Teacher

    Maggie Ostara, PhD has managed to take a complicated subject and break it down in such a way as to shine a light, a beacon, on one of my favorite subjects, our relationship to ourselves. It’s a rare moment when we can turn the mirror inward and see exactly what’s needed to be shed so we can embody our true feminine sovereignty. I loved the way Maggie’s voice gently guided me through each pillar, like the best cheerleader girlfriend you always want by your side. I found myself excitedly telling my girlfriends about certain passages I was reading that had such an impact on my way of thinking.  I’ve been thinking a lot about growth mindset and this book challenges you to examine how you think and why you think that way and asks you in a gentle way, can you change? And do you want to? …and if you say yes, Maggie is there with guidance and questions to help you examine those areas and make real and lasting changes.

    As an African-American woman, I was hesitant to read Feminine Sovereignty, asking myself, will I see myself in a book, will I be able to relate to the information that was shared? Will there be enough? I’m truly happy to say that those fears were unnecessary.  Maggie is a true scholar, and her work is a culmination of all her experiences, as a woman, as an ally, as a teacher and an educator on many platforms. She brings it all together in this epic journey for us all. This is a timely book for women to pull back the veil and take a place within the world to help it heal from a place that we can truly say is empowered and feminine.

    Deana Dennard

    Ayervedic Health Practitioner and Coach

    Ostara’s book is an insightful and inspiring illumination on how we can each contribute to a conscious, cooperative and healthy world that benefits both self and other. Using personal stories, wise narrative and the invitation to reflect, Feminine Sovereignty, clarifies what is possible and the steps to make it so. It is a compelling read that benefits both those new to these conversations as well as the more seasoned traveler who delights in wise and well thought out instruction on how to create the inner and outer worlds we envision. I especially like that Ostara explains the impact of using our personal sovereignty as a foundation towards an “ethic of care…and responsibility for the well-being of the entire collective…”. I was impressed by how intelligent, well thought out and thorough this book is and can envision returning to it time and again in the future. 

    ~ Hrieth

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