Feminine Sovereignty

Rather than royal sovereignty or the sovereignty of individualism, Feminine Sovereignty is grounded in an ethic of care and compassion for the well-being of the entire collective and the living world as well as of the individual. It calls us to embrace our responsibilities to the whole while supporting and honoring our autonomy and self-determination.

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Are you wondering what you can do about the world falling apart?

You’ve been reaching inward and upward for years, healing and evolving yourself. You’ve been called to support others in their growth and development, and many have benefited from your efforts. 

You sense the biggest challenges — personally and globally — are yet to come. And you know that you are here to contribute to the great unfolding that is happening now.

Yet you’re tired. Sometimes you feel uncertain about your direction and purpose and if you’re making the difference you know you came here to make. 

You need to rejuventate yourself and build your energy.

Plus you want to live and contribute in ways that are influential, yet sustainable and equitable for the planet and all of humanity as well as for yourself. 

I hear you, sister. I haven’t lived your experience, but if you’re feeling this way I can relate. We have big work to do, we need to be strong, and we need to work together.

Discovering your Human Design will provide you with valuable keys to ease your stress and overwhelm, boost your vitality, strengthen your vision and know your life purpose.

As you dive in, you’ll receive spot-on insights and direction that will increase your confidence, sharpen your focus, and enable you to embrace your highest destiny.  

I would love to be your guide to discovering Feminine Sovereignty.

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Discover the MAGIC of Your Sacral Authority + the CONFIDENCE that comes with TRUSTING It!

This rich book weaves an intricate story, with eight vital themes told through short narrative episodes, personal memoir, and deep dives into the forces that led us to where we are today. Part One provides a clear path to building your personal sovereignty so that you have dominion of your inner world and greater command of your life. Personal sovereignty is a vital step. Yet on its own, it isn’t enough for us to become the sovereign stewards our planet is calling us to become.

Part Two spirals out into the world with other people, focusing on your purpose and contribution, communication that connects, mutually beneficial collaborations, and compassionate stewardship. Readers are offered many examples of ways they can connect and collaborate with others to bring forth the New World we know is possible.

Together let’s walk an in-depth path of self-discovery and transformation designed to support your evolution and empowerment.

Participate in a Global Circle of Feminine Sovereign Explorers supporting and witnessing each other inside a sacred and private container.

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Creatively design your own Temple of Sovereignty, your own sacred space for evolution, as mentioned in Feminine Sovereignty.

Enhance your journey through the 8 Pillars by activating your right-brained intelligence and enjoying the pleasure of an expansive, creative endeavor.

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