WOMAN Evolving YOUR World


Experiential Immersion with Maggie Ostara, PhD

Thursday October 28 @ 9am – 12pm Pacific / 12 noon – 3pm Eastern / 6pm – 9pm CET

On your evolutionary path, are you . . .

. . . lighting the way for others but not getting what you need?

. . . re-emerging after an Ego Death?

. . . trying to go it alone?

How about we take hands and walk that road together?

During this experiential immersion you will engage with me and other participants to:


    Identify and celebrate your Feminine Sovereign and Human Design Super powers.


    Let go of old versions of yourself that you've outgrown and no longer benefit you.


    Embrace and honor a new version of who you are now.


    Connect with what's most true for you, determine your priorities, and tune in to the support you need.


    Have reflected back to you the Power and Brilliance of who you REALLY are


    Be seen, heard and supported as who you are now and your new focus as you take this next step along your evolutionary journey.

    This day will include a 3-part experiential process, opportunities to connect with others, and plenty of time for individual coaching, including mini – Human Design and Feminine Sovereignty readings.

    NOTE: You do not have to have attended all or even most of Women Evolving Our World Conference. Your desire and commitment to evolve your own life is enough. You’ll be supplied with a few support materials to help you get prepared for our time together. 

    Dear Evolving. Heart-Centered Woman,
    How are you doing and feeling after our immersion with Women Evolving Our World? 

    I was just watching Dr. Joe Dispenza, and did you know that when you learn something new, you stimulate new neural pathways? Your brain can grow! Cool, right?

    Yet if we don’t repeat and practice what we learn, those pathways begin to die and fall away, even within hours.

    And that’s often what happens after you’ve had a transformative experience, yet don’t followed it up with practice and integration.

    • Have you reviewed your notes or rewatched any of the sessions to help keep you in the flow we co-created?
    • Have you made changes to your life that help solidify a new sense of self and new actions in the outer world?
    • Or has the experience faded into the background and you’re back to how life was before you participated in the conference?
    If you’ve slid back into what’s familiar, it’s not your fault.

    This is naturally what happens if you don’t make a significant effort to practice your new perspectives everyday and to confront the part of you that wants you to stay the same. All of us have a part like this. It’s powerful and insidious. It’s the keeper of your comfort zone. 

    It’s just so easy to do with all your responsibilities, demands on your time and attention, and your inner uncertainty about stepping out into the unknown. Yet what was it that called you to Women Evolving Our World in the first place?

    What inner longing do you have to evolve YOUR world?
    • What challenges were you hoping to find support for?
    • What longing spurred you to join us?
    • How much do you truly want to evolve YOUR world?

    We all need support to be able to truly change ourselves and change our lives. Evolution does not happen in isolation. Evolution happens as we make real in our everyday lives new possibilities and potentials through updated ways of being inside and responding to and engaging in our outer world.

    The thing is, you can’t really see yourself the way you truly are. None of us can do this one our own. I know I can’t. You need other people to reflect back to you the brilliance of who you are, your super powers, and your true potential. That’s why we all need containers of trusted support in which we can be seen, heard and appreciated for who we really are.

    Yet Lone Wolf Syndrome haunts many of us. We tolerate being isolated even though we know that we thrive when we’re with others who have already traveled the path we’re on, or are walking shoulder to shoulder with us. I’ve had to train myself to reach out for support, to commit to containers of support, to break my habit of doing everything on my own. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been oh so worth it.

    You don’t have to wait for an Ego Death to transform your life. Yes, that’s what happens all too often when you tolerate things that aren’t working, and then white knuckle it until something shatters, and you’re left staring at the remains of what was. It does not have to be that way!

    In Woman Evolving Your World Immersion, I’m offering you a container of support that will:
    • affirm and celebrate your value and significance
    • shine a light on the inner shadows that haunt you and then help bring clarity and resolution
    • support your next level leadership whatever form it takes
    • enable you to bridge the gap between where you are and the life you truly long for.

    Step out of isolation and let’s take the next steps together.

    NOTE: You do not have to have attended all or even most of Women Evolving Our World Conference. Your desire and commitment to evolve your own life is enough. You’ll be supplied with a few support materials to help you get prepared for our time together. 

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