Greetings Dear Evolving One,

Thank you for your interest in participating in my intimate Feminine Sovereignty Leadership Incubator.

I am delighted to share this opportunity! This incubator will provide you with the support you need to design and move forward with new, elevated ways of being in the world as you implement your inner landscape and out in the world projects.

A key component of this will be the connections and bonds we create with each other to provide the level of support, camaraderie, and inspiration we all need to grow ourselves into our true potential. We grow best in a well held community, not isolated and on our own.

During our months together, you’ll be asked to show up genuinely, courageously and vulnerably, with inner work being one of the key components of this path.

I am asking each woman to apply to ensure that the energetic container for the group (or groups) are a good fit for everyone. Emotional and energetic safety is crucial for our success in stepping through the powerful transformations such a commitment calls for.

So please answer the questions below fully and heart-fully. I look very forward to receiving your application!

If I feel you’d be a good fit, the next step will be an interview with me so we explore together if that is so. 

Many blessings and much love,


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