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3-Session Masterclass

“Take Command of Your Life with Feminine Sovereignty”

with author Maggie Ostara, PhD

This masterclass introduces the key themes and purposes of Feminine Sovereignty to guide your journey through the 8 Pillars.

Release cultural conditioning that’s kept you locked in a limited identity and locked out of your full potential.

Develop the four key strengths you need to build your personal sovereignty, your power within, giving you command of your life.

Create the purpose and contribution you came here to make and become a potent agent of change in the areas of life that mean the most to you.

Cultivate your ability to communicate and collaborate with others similarly focused on creating a world we’d be proud to leave to future generations.

Why You Need Feminine Sovereignty

Session 1: November 30th
Discover and cultivate the magic waiting within.

Taking Command of Your Life

Session 2: December 7th
Become the true sovereign of your life, confident, resourced, purposeful.

Becoming Sovereign and Being on Purpose

Session 3: December 14th
Growing yourself into your full potential and making your mark on the world.

Receive access to this BONUS Masterclass when you purchase the book through this website before the end of the year. Check your confirmation email for access details for the Live Sessions and to watch the replays (available through Dec 31, 2023).

Discover Human Design

Learn the fundamentals of Human Design with the following resources. Click on the images to learn more.

Click the image to check out Maggie’s YouTube Channel with over 300 videos, many of which focus on Human Design topics.

Radiance and Energetic Adeptness

Discover how to take command of your energy — clearing, building, and directing it — with practices drawn from Kundalini Yoga.

The following videos were recorded in live sessions inside our
Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center.

Energetic Hygiene

Teaching Session

Energetic Hygiene

Practice Session

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